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5 things to consider when hiring a home stager|Joseph Home Staging

5 things to consider when hiring a home stager

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Blogs

Selling a home can be overwhelming—after all, there’s so much to do, and time can feel constraining. There is a primal urge to do everything to find a buyer as quickly as possible, as homes that stay in the listings too long are cause for worry, and homeowners don’t want to keep incurring maintenance costs. If you want to land a serious buyer fast, though, you need to identify a unique selling point.

Staging professionals can help by making your property more presentable to buyers. Potential buyers appreciate seeing a furnished space, and staged homes allow buyers to envision themselves living in a space, instead of standing in an empty room guessing whether their couch will fit. Hiring a professional home stager is a great strategy, but here are some points to consider:

1. Training and certifications

There are several courses that professional home stagers can take to get certificates as an assurance of their professionalism. Serious stagers have training in interior design, color and other fields that make them the best in their niche. Regular study means that a stager is conversant with modern design trends, rules and home organization styles.

2. Proof of work

Ask the home stager to show some of their previous work. This should reveal expertise in design and other attributes that make them an excellent choice. As you consider their proof of work, ask how long homes stay in the market after they’ve been staged.

3. Fees and rates

Home staging fees often fluctuate, depending on the number of rooms and hours spent on the job. Some may charge a flat rate, but most stagers charge by the hour. It is always advisable to ask about the price of staging so you can budget accordingly. Fees may be higher if the stager must bring in their own accessories and furniture to improve the visual appeal of your property.

4. What types of homes do they stage?

Staging is a niche industry, where professionals work on specific targets. Some home stagers specialize in starter homes, while others only work on luxury spaces. Choose one whose design vision seems most appropriate for those you want to impress.

5 . Do they work on the exterior?

During a viewing, potential buyers are also keen about curb appeal. Rather than separately hiring a landscaping professional, ask your home stager if they offer services to market the exterior. This is a great way to start marketing your home from the walkways and entrance.

These tips will help you land the best home stager in your area. But remember, they are not your realtor. Think of a home stager as the makeup artist for your home. They are there to make it attractive to potential buyers—the rest is up to you!